“I was trying -to figure out what to eat to support thyroid problems, anemia and AMD, A friend told me about Rochelle. She clarified many issues, i.e. what is good for the eyes might not be good for the thyroid. I feel great now, have even lost weight,, an extra bonus. It was a very positive experience, and now I know whom to go to for advice.”

– Vibi B.

“Rochelle is an excellent professional, with a thorough knowledge of nutrition and health. She is non-judgmental; she will not berate you on your weight; she is more interested in improving your physical health. At our first meeting we discussed my personal eating habits and choices, and came up with a plan to not only help me lose weight but to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I would highly recommend Rochelle if you are serious about improving your life.”

– Michael H.

“Rochelle is awesome. She is always encouraging and reaffirming our goals. She listens and gives great advice! love her!”

– Karen P.

“You want a diet and calorie counts? Go the the internet. You want someone who’ll get to know you, fine-tune the food plan, support you as you develop better eating habits, you go to Rochelle.

She’s been masterful at helping me take many small steps in the right direction, brainstorming food options and strategizing on dicey eating situations. Low on pain and deprivation. High on a whole lot of small wins that have led to a healthy way of eating that’s maintainable.

As someone with several ongoing issues, including an eating disorder, I consider Rochelle a key and indispensable member of my wellness team.”

Patricia K.

“I’ve worked with Rochelle for a long time. Unlike other nutritionists or health ‘gurus’, Rochelle designs a plan by listening carefully to what you need. She doesn’t subscribe to any one way of becoming healthy or losing weight; instead she takes what you are capable of and willing to do and weaves it into a nutrition action plan that is easy and manageable. She’s done that for me and, more importantly, for my husband who was overweight. He was skeptical about talking to her, but when her first question was ‘What can’t you live without?’, he became interested, and she was able to create a plan that allowed him to have the foods he couldn’t live without” while still following a sound nutritional plan to lose weight. He never felt deprived on this diet and, through talks with Rochelle, learned how to manage his cravings. Needless to say, he lost 15 pounds in three weeks and was happy! Thank you Rochelle for your magic.”

“In addition, because of Rochelle’s extensive knowledge about supplements and detoxification programs, she pinpointed that the cause of my acute depression was a heavy metal detoxification I had undertaken by myself. If she hadn’t mentioned to me that a side effect of this detoxification plan was depression (which was not listed on the prduct label), I’m not sure what would have happened.”

Christine Abrahams, Ed.D., NCC, LPC, ACS

“After years of being a on-again/off-again Weight Watcher member, I was sick of losing (and gaining back) the same three pounds. I felt like I’d broken my body and lost my ability to feel healthy and lose weight. Each week started with a promise to do better and stay “on plan,” and ended with me cheating on my diet and sadly wondering what I was doing wrong.

Rochelle changed that entirely. She crafted a personalized, flexible eating plan that emphasizes whole foods and positive reinforcement, and has me feeling energized and full.

Rochelle has a wonderful, holistic approach to health that factors in all aspects of my life, and I’ve never felt better. Case in point: since starting with Rochelle, I’ve lost almost 20 lbs.! The best part? It’s been almost effortless.

I can’t thank Rochelle enough for her thoughtful advice, and I look forward to each visit!”

Rachel K.

“I had been trying for a long time to lose the weight I gained after my pregnancy that was seven years ago, and none of my attempts gave long-lasting results. Finally, I decided to consult a nutritionist/dietitian, and I am so happy that I did! I have been seeing Rochelle for one year, during which I lost 35 pounds in a gradual and healthy way. She taught me so much about nutrition and helped me to change my eating habits. However, for me, and I imagine for many others, weight loss involves psychological as much as physiological mechanisms. Rochelle does not only impart a wide knowledge base regarding nutrition, but she also has a deep understanding and insight into the psychological aspects of weight loss. She is very gentle and supportive, even when I am not able to be gentle with myself. Over the past year, she became my compass and an inner voice of reason in moments of conflict and self-doubt. Everyone wants to know how I lost all this weight, and I tell them about Rochelle, because I think she is great.”

Meltem P.

“Rochelle Sirota has become an intergral part of my life. She has patiently taught me how to change my eating habits- become a healthier eater – and stressed the importance of exercising to become more fit. She is energetic, has a wonderful attitude and is very professional. She has educated me on eating properly and motivated me to keep going when all I wanted to do was eat a bag of pretzels.

As a result of her creativity and personal interest not only did I improve but am now proud to be a ‘fit’ person. I am a healthy eater and feel much more in control of my eating.

Rochelle is never too busy to answer a question or offer a suggestion—When it comes to being a nutritionist she is # 1.”

Jody W.

“I came into Rochelle Sirota’s office during a long plateau period after losing 50 pounds. Under her tutelage and care I’ve been able to lose an additional 40 pounds over the course of 10 months. The results have been life changing, but haven’t been the most valuable outcome. Rochelle approaches nutrition holistically, tailoring a plan that works best for each patient. After nearly 30 years of eating mindlessly, she has taught me how good real nutrition can feel. We discuss eating patterns, behavioral issues, new foods to try and useful supplements/vitamins–all in a constructive and non-judgmental environment. Not only has Rochelle given me the knowledge to make good menu choices, she’s empowered to me navigate a busy schedule and maintain a satisfying lifestyle. As I approach my health and fitness goals I have tremendous confidence and little doubt that I can stay healthy with her guidance.”

Josh Appelbaum

“Rochelle Sirota is terrific. She is extremely helpful, smart, knowledgeable and patient. Rochelle helped me with two major issues — losing and keeping my weight down, and coping with gastroinestinal problems — but also gives me valuable information and direction on a host of incidental health issues. She spends the time on the nutritional and practical details behind health issues in a way which I have not seen physicians do. She also has a lot of practical wisdom.”

Larry M.

“Rochelle Sirota exudes mindful nutrition. Without judgment, she offers a terrific balance of information and inspiration (leaving it to me to add the perspiration). I highly recommend her services!”

C.C. Blackburn

“I was diagnosed with thyroid disease almost 10 years ago. During that time, I had become extremely overweight and developed various other medical issues, including high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My various attempts to lose weight hadn’t been successful. Rochelle Sirota took a professional approach in taking a thorough assessment of my health issues.  She then, based on my food preferences and lifestyle, developed and provided me with a nutritious meal plan and an exercise plan to achieve my ultimate goal of better health. She is an expert in her field, and her sincere nature makes me feel very comfortable talking with her.

I have lost almost 25 lbs so far, and my blood pressure and cholesterol levels are now normal. I am so grateful to Rochelle for educating me and encouraging me on this journey to better health.  I sincerely recommend her.”

— Rosemarie C., RN